Referral Network Analysis (RNA) will help you analyze the healthcare organizations and providers of your region. Discover the relationships in markets and view where the numbers are increasing or decreasing.

For physicians or practices that want to grow their referral network, we have a (RNA) dashboard just for you. With it, you will be able to compare your physician referrals to those of the referral patterns in your regional market.

Trying to discover the relationships between healthcare organizations and doctors has been very difficult. Analyzing ones own' “team” of healthcare providers can be done using common referral management software. With RNA, you can discover not only how your doctors work with you, but how they work with each other, and third party partners.

Using RNA you can remove the “clutter” from the view of your healthcare market.

For Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). ACO’s can use our tool to ensure that groups of doctors are working together to reduce cost and improves quality of care. This tool can help to stop ACOs from loosing money Because ACOs are paid more when care is coordinated and costs are controlled.

Hospitals and Payers can leverage RNA to manage which doctors are in their networks. RNA can be an invaluable tool for anyone who nees to manage the performance and costs of a network of doctors.

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RNA is designed to display an entire segment of the healthcare market at once. Take a look at gastroenterologists in Atlanta? One screen. Rehabilitation facilities in Los Angeles? One screen.


We have created a great healthcare system visualization tool.

You can decide how you want to view the data relationships. Graphs, charts or spreadsheets. You can get the information in the format and medium that you prefer.


Which doctors are referring patients in your specialty? Where do I concentrate my marketing efforts? What is the return on my marketing investment? RNA gives you the visibility you need to make your decisions.